How to Choose the Right Size Truck for Your Move with Calgary Movers

Moving can be a stressful and challenging task, and choosing the right size truck can be one of the most important decisions to make. The right size truck can save you time, money, and effort, and can make your move much easier. But how do you choose the right size truck for your move with Calgary movers? In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the right size truck to make your move successful.

  1. Assess Your Needs

The first step to choosing the right size truck is to assess your needs. Take an inventory of all the items you will be moving, and determine the volume of the items. This will help you determine the size of the truck you need. You can use an online truck size calculator to get an idea of the truck size you require.

  1. Consider the Distance of Your Move

The distance of your move is an important factor to consider when choosing a truck size. If you are moving long-distance, you will need a larger truck to accommodate your belongings.

  1. Choose a Reputable Moving Company

Choosing a reputable moving company is crucial to ensuring a successful move. Personal Movers Calgary can help you select the right size truck for your move. A reputable moving company will have experienced and professional staff who can assist you in making the right decision. And finally, they will most likely have large truck sizes when compared to the low-cost movers.

  1. Understand the Types of Trucks Available

There are various types of trucks available for moving, including cargo vans, box trucks, and moving trucks. Cargo vans are suitable for small moves, while box trucks are ideal for medium moves. Moving trucks are the largest and most suitable for long-distance moves or large house relocations within Calgary.

  1. Calculate the Fuel Cost

Fuel costs can be a significant expense when moving. It is essential to calculate the fuel cost before choosing the right size truck. Larger trucks will require more fuel, so it is essential to consider the cost of fuel when selecting a truck size. Also, you will have to consider the mileage charge, truck rental companies will charge a set amount for every mile you make. Making it often to be more expensive than using professional movers in Calgary.

  1. Think About the Safety of Your Belongings

The safety of your belongings is crucial during the moving process. Choosing the right size truck can help keep your belongings safe during transport. A truck that is too small may result in your belongings being squeezed and damaged, while a truck that is too large can lead to your belongings shifting around during transport.

  1. Consider Your Budget

Your budget is an essential factor when selecting the right size truck. Larger trucks are more expensive to rent, and they also require more fuel, which can increase the cost of your move. It is important to select a truck size that fits your budget.

  1. Ask for Help

Moving can be stressful, and it is essential to ask for help if needed. Personal Movers Calgary can help you select the right size truck for your move. You can also ask friends and family to assist you with your move.


  1. What size truck do I need for a one-bedroom apartment? A: 16-foot box truck is suitable for a one-bedroom apartment move.
  2. Can I rent a moving truck without a driver’s license? A: No, you cannot rent a moving truck without a valid driver’s license.
  3. How can I save money on my move? A: You can save money on your move by selecting a smaller truck size, packing your belongings yourself, and moving during the off-season.
  4. How far in advance should I book a moving truck? A: It is recommended to book a moving truck at least two weeks in advance.

In Conclusion: you will have to consider if it’s really more affordable to rent a truck rather than hiring a professional moving company, as you will also have to take into account who will help you to load your items, how long will it take you to complete the move and the hidden cost of renting a truck, like, for example, having to rent extra tools like dollies or blankets to make your move easier.

Also, keep in mind that professional movers in Calgary know how to properly wrap furniture and load the truck to avoid damage.

If you need more assistance with your next move do not hesitate to contact Personal Movers Calgary for a Free Estimate so that you can compare the costs and services provided.