Moving Boxes and Supplies in Calgary

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    When it comes to moving supplies, moving boxes are among the most important. Ensuring the protection of your belongings, these boxes make moving a breeze and are a crucial moving tool. So, before you make your move, make sure you have all the packing supplies you need for an easy moving experience.

    Why Do You Need Moving Boxes in Calgary?

    Besides helping keep your belongings organized and neat while kept in a storage space, moving boxes serve many other purposes in both residential and commercial moves. These include:

    Protection During Transportation

    Whether you choose to book the services of a moving company or are opting for a low cost, do-it-yourself move, proper moving equipment helps ensure your possessions stay safe and intact throughout the transportation process. Paired with packing paper which will serve as a cushion for your items, having boxes specifically made for moving makes the move easy.

    Organization & Labelling

    Any senior mover knows the importance of proper labeling and staying organized during the moving process. Boxes designed for moving have a flat surface, making them easy to write on, allowing you to label the contents of each box. This way, when you get to your destination, whether it be Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, Calgary AB, or anywhere else in Alberta, you can easily find which box holds a specific item.


    From furniture movers to office movers, professionals in the moving space know that optimal stacking is the key to keeping a move both easy and cheap. When you place your items in easily stackable boxes, you are able to move more per truck load, helping increase efficiency and keep moving costs down.

    Moving Boxes and Supplies in Calgary
    Moving Boxes and Supplies in Calgary

    Types of Moving Boxes

    When it comes to moving supplies and equipment for your next move, there is a large selection of moving supplies to choose from. The best type of box for your move will depend on the types of items you are relocating, and personal preferences. So, if you require boxes, some popular options to consider include:

    Cardboard Boxes

    The ordinary cardboard box serves its purpose, allowing you to move items to your new home with ease. Plus, available in a variety of sizes, it’s easy to find the right size, and their cut-out handles make them easy to pick-up.

    Plastic Moving Boxes

    Many of the best movers choose plastic boxes thanks to their durability and ability to support heavy items. Plus, unlike cardboard which becomes soft when wet, plastic is more heavy duty and waterproof, ensuring that the contents of the box stay dry. Plastic boxes are also reusable and rarely become worn, making them essential supplies for a stress-free move.

    Wood Boxes

    Although less common, wood boxes and crates are generally used for transporting valuable items like artwork or fragile items. Because of their sturdiness, wood boxes offer an extra layer of protection for relocating important possessions like glassware. However, you may require box packing paper to cushion the sides of these solid boxes.

    How Much do Boxes in Calgary Cost for Moving?

    The price of buying moving supplies in Calgary will depend on the quality of the materials and the size of the box. On average, packing boxes will cost $2 on the low end and can go higher than $90 for large, durable boxes for moving fragile goods. Many box rental companies offer packages that include a variety of box sizes for a set rental period, which can save you money over purchasing them.

    Types of Moving Boxes
    Types of Moving Boxes

    What are Some Other Must-Have Moving Supplies?

    Besides boxes, there are a variety of moving supplies and packing materials that contribute to an easier moving experience. Some of the most common moving supplies you need include:

    • Moving blankets: Used to protect furniture and other valuables during transportation.
    • Bubble wrap: Ideal for wrapping fragile items and providing extra protection. You may also look for bubble cushion wrap to coat the interior of boxes.
    • Tape: To keep your boxes sealed. Both packing tape and duct tape work well for this purpose.
    • Box cutters: Used during the unpackaging stage to cut through tape.
    • Moving straps: Used to lift heavy and awkward items more easily with a partner.
    • Dolly or Utility Cart: Used to transport items from a moving truck to inside the home, or vice versa. A forearm forklift may be needed to transport heavier possessions.
    • Padlock: Used to lock the door of moving trucks, ensuring the security of your items during transportation.

    Where to Buy Moving Boxes in Calgary

    When it comes to getting shipping supplies for your next move, there are many suppliers to choose from in Calgary offering a line of moving supplies. Ranging from boxes to packaging materials and everything in between, these companies have years of experience in the moving industry and generally offer both purchase and rental options.

    Alternatively, leave the hassle of packaging, moving, and unpackaging to our team! As one of the leading moving companies in Alberta, we have the skills, experience, and equipment to handle all of your moving needs. Contact us today for a no-obligation free estimate.

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