How Much do Movers Cost in Calgary

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    How Much do Movers Cost in Calgary? Everything to Know About Calgary Movers Rates for Your Next Move

    One of the biggest concerns when planning a move is how much it will cost to hire a professional moving company in Calgary. However, the price of your move will depend on many factors, including the type of move, moving services you need (supplies, packing and unpacking, etc), whether it is a long-distance or local move, how many moving trucks are required, and much more.

    For this reason, it is best to request a free moving quote to get an accurate idea of your moving costs. So, before you hire a moving company for your upcoming move, request a no-obligation quote from our team at Personal Movers to explore our moving rates.

    How Much do Movers Cost in Calgary
    How Much do Movers Cost in Calgary

    Factors that Determine Moving Costs of Movers in Calgary

    As briefly outlined, there is never one specific answer to determine how much it will cost to hire movers. Many things are taken into a consideration before a moving service provider can give you an estimate on the cost of your move. These include:

    Moving Services Required

    Because moving projects vary in specifics, one client needs only a handful of guys to move their belongings while others need more comprehensive services. Services like packing & unpacking, storage and supplying moving materials are all services that a client may request, that could influence how much movers may charge for the job. Thankfully, as a full service moving business, our team of professional movers at Personal Movers offer all of these additional services plus many others to ensure a hassle-free moving experience.

    Number of Professionals Needed

    Along with varying job sizes is the varying demand for more muscle. Depending on the size and number of items that need to be moved, you may need more movers than simply moving into a one-bedroom apartment. Similarly, the size of your house and number of staircases involved in the job could affect your overall cost for the move. It is also worth considering how difficult it will be to navigate the home or office, because while an apartment may be smaller and hold less furniture, tight walls and entry-ways can take extra time and manpower to work around.

    Distance Covered

    If you are moving your items over a long distance, it will naturally cost more to make your move. On the other hand, homeowners can expect to pay less if they are hiring a Calgary moving company for small moves, such as those with pickup locations and destinations in the same town or city. So, be sure to consider the distance of the move when planning your budget for the job, as the cost of hiring movers could be higher than expected for long distance moves.

    Time of Year

    Contrary to common belief, across Canada there are times of the year that see higher demands for local moving companies. Generally, the spring and summer months see more people move within Calgary, so it can be economical to choose to move between the months of October and March, when fewer people are scheduling a move. This way, you can save money on your move while still getting the same service, whether it be Calgary office movers or furniture movers in Calgary.

    Specialty Items

    When you need to move items that are fragile or difficult to relocate like heavy furniture, there may be an extra cost associated. Because of the extra moving equipment, material, and caution while handling that they require, these items will often come with an additional fee. However, it is well worth paying a slight premium to ensure your valuables are handled by the best Calgary movers to avoid damage during the moving process.

    Fixed Price or Hourly Rate

    Another factor that determines how much movers cost is whether they are charging an hourly rate or charging you per move. When hiring movers in the Calgary area, it is crucial to ask how their pricing works, and it may be more cost-conscious to pay by the hour, as you can be sure that you are only paying the movers for the time they are dedicating to your job, and nothing more. Some moving companies charge a fixed price per move, however, it is important to compare it to hourly quotes before choosing the best option.

    What is the Average Cost of Moving with a Calgary Moving Company?

    While different moving companies may have different rates for helping you move, most reliable movers charge around the same price, with some being slightly more expensive, and others slightly less. On average, moving rates start at $135 per hour for two movers and a truck, although this may increase based on the service provided. It is also worth noting that many jobs require more than two movers, so expect to be paying a minimum of $175 per hour for three movers and a truck, and up to $195 per hour or more for more complex jobs.

    However, this is a general minimum, and many movers charge more than this for their services, which is to be expected when hiring senior movers in Calgary, as their experience is valuable. So, whether you’re moving across the province or just down the street, don’t forget that exceptional moving services are worth spending more on for the best moving experience.

    Hire the Best Calgary Movers to Save Money On Your Move

    No matter where your next move takes you in Alberta, our knowledgeable team with years of experience in the moving industry are just a call away when you are ready to move. So, no matter what your next project involves, we hope you will call us for help! We’ll ensure our movers arrive on time on your moving day, with the best equipment and supplies to tackle the job.

    No matter how much you’re going to move, from long-distance moves to changing apartments, we’re ready to help. To learn more about how much your move will cost by contacting us for a free estimate today.

    Hire the Best Calgary Movers
    Hire the Best Calgary Movers


    How much do your packing and unpacking services cost?

    Much like the transportation step of your move, packing and unpacking is a job that varies in specifics. While some companies may charge huge fees for these services, we are committed to offering them at an affordable rate. Share your project’s specifics with us so we can give you a quote!

    How much do you charge for moving supplies?

    As part of our mission to ensure convenient moving solutions, we also offer moving supplies for your move. Whether you need moving boxes in Calgary or moving blankets, contact us any day between 8am and 8pm, and our movers will provide a quote for purchasing or renting moving supplies.

    Is it affordable to move to Calgary?

    Compared to Vancouver, the cost of living in Calgary is significantly lower. Plus, while the price of relocating here may vary from move to move, it is generally less expensive than in Toronto or Vancouver, which makes it an overall great place to relocate to! Plus, with its booming economy, it is a great place to build a career and family as one of Canada’s economic powerhouses.

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