Personal Thanks to the Calgary community

The new year is just around the corner, and we are leaving behind an excellent 2022 on this simple Post we want to thank all the Calgarians old and new who have trusted our company to do their home relocation.

It surely wasn’t an easy year, we, as a community had to deal with a lot, coming out of the COVID pandemic and returning to normal, wasn’t an easy adjustment but we did it.

Throughout this year we have come across the most wonderful clients, our movers always bring home some warming stories about nice clients which is really a characteristic of Calgary, the people always being honest nice and welcoming, which makes our job easier.

We know the moving day is a stressful day, and many things can go wrong because there is a lot to do, from getting the trucks started until our crew is safe back at the office the days are never the same. This can be challenging but it is also a great opportunity to improve day by day, and that we do, being a witness to this our 2nd consecutive nomination for the “Top Choice Awards” in the best movers’ category and for that huge thanks to all those how voted for Personal Movers Calgary.

The New 2023

We are getting ready to meet 2023 we have made some improvements to our equipment getting more tools to make the jobs easier and provide a better service to our customers, we invest in them because we want to give the best of us on every move.

We already got a lot before to protect your belongings, like the heavy-duty moving blankets that we use to wrap your delicate furniture or the runners to cover the carpets, now we have added complementary shrink wrap and door protection, and we will keep on this road of giving the best to the community.

A special Thanks to our Movers

We have an excellent crew, the nicest and most hard-working guys you will ever meet, they carry on with their task while being courteous and friendly, and let me tell you that isn’t easy when lifting a huge couch, but they do it with a smile on their face and without leaving a mark, because they understand how important this day is for you and that is really impressive, so thank you very much to all the members of Personal Movers.

Bye bye 2022

Once again Thank you Calgary for a wonderful year we have filled our hearts once more with all the nice comments that you have left us and that gives us the strength to go year after year working for you and your family and bring you to your new home.


We welcome you 2023

The Personal Movers Staff.