Moving in Calgary during winter

3 ways to make your winter move in Calgary easier.

Moving is not an easy task. The heavy lifting, the hours of packing and organizing can put a lot of stress on our bodies now imagine doing all that in the cold Alberta winter

Here we will teach you some of the best practices that our movers use to make the winter moves easier.


1. Prepare in advance

This advice is recommended for any kind of move but it is especially recommended for winter moves, no one wants to spend unnecessary time freezing outside. 

Starting to organize your move earlier will take a load of stress out of your head when the days for your move are getting closer, start by packing all of those items that you don’t use regularly and of course, the summer clothes (you won’t need those for some time)

Make sure that everything is well packed in boxes and if you are doing the move on your own get some plastic wrap or blankets to cover your furniture in case that on your move day starts to snow.

2. Clean the snow 

Most likely you will need a path to get from your house or building into your moving truck, having a walk on the snow while carrying some heavy boxes is a recipe for a disaster, get some shovels and clean that snow and melt the ice with some salt so that the walk is a smooth ride from the door to the truck and back, the movers will appreciate it.

3. Good Loading Area

If you are leaving in a house without a driveway or a building with no loading zone its always clever to save a spot for the moving truck one of the best practices is to park your own car on the designated spot one day in advance to make sure that no one takes it, the distance from the door to the truck makes a big difference in time when doing a house move. 

Bonus: Trusting a Professional Mover 

Professional Movers like Personal Movers Calgary will carry all the necessary equipment to do a move from blankets to plastic wrap boxes, dollies and more. They will also take the heavy lifting of your hands and because they are used to do this every day and they are trained for this they will load your belongings in a much more efficient way. 

Personal Movers is specially equipped for winter moves, our movers know what to do and they will also bring free-of-charge neoprene runners so that they can walk on your house without leaving it dirty.

The same way Personal Movers Calgary will protect your floor we will protect your furniture with heavy duty blankets to make sure that it arrives dry and without a scratch.

Finding the right mover is not an easy task either, that’s why we are proud to tell our new customers to take a look at our awesome rating online. You know that you can trust a company that is BBB accredited and has won best Movers in Calgary for last 3 years and has been named. Give us a call and lear why is Personal Movers the Top Choice Moving Company in Calgary of the year.