Moving During the Holydays.


Christmas is just around the corner and the snowy city of Calgary is getting ready with beautiful decorations on the trees houses and businesses. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and this means busier with doing all the shopping for the holidays, now imagine if to that you will add moving your home, it can get very overwhelming very fast.

Moving tips for moving in Calgary During the holidays

Here we posted some moving tips that will help you optimize your move so that everything can be done in the shortest amount of time


  • Reduce stress by packing little by little every day, don’t leave everything for the last minute, packing takes a long time. For example, you can pack your summer shorts, you won’t need them for a really long time.
  • Label the moving boxes: front and top are ideal so that you will know what’s inside every box and what to unpack first
  • If you are moving to or from an apartment know your condo rules, when to book the elevator, where the moving truck will park, etc.
  • Avoid packing on garbage bags, first of all, because they are not meant to give good protection and they can reap very easy and second you might mistake them for garbage
  • This is the season of giving, so it’s a great time to donate the things you don’t need anymore, some lucky family could use the gift and you won’t have to move extra stuff.
  • As you pack your moving boxes make sure to pile them up against a wall and leave room to walk freely in your home, this will also make the mover’s job much easier, and they will move faster.
  • Hire professionals. Getting professional movers is a life-saving remedy to an otherwise overwhelming task, make sure to do your due diligence and arrange a reputable moving company to do your move.


Calgary Movers

Luckily for you in Calgary, you can give Personal Movers a call and we will take a load of worries out of your way.  If you are planning on moving before the end of the year or just after new years you don’t want to be dealing with doing a lot of packing and carrying (especially on the snow), so why not hire the professionals movers to help you with your Calgary relocation, packing and even storage?

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