Moving Calgary the Ball is ours

It’s finally time to see our Team

Moving Calgary soccer fans.

Canada’s men’s soccer team is getting ready to face off against its first rival at the Soccer World Cup in Qatar.

Belgium will be the first team to play against Canada and surely will be a fantastic match. Belgium is coming to the world cup with a strong team but Canada has shown its potential during the qualifiers and we are more than excited to see the clash between them.

Here at Personal Movers Calgary, we have quite a few fans of soccer and everybody is excited about the world cup putting our hopes in the Canadian team and dreaming of them making history. We have also talked to our customers in Calgary and they are also expectant to see the ball rolling and moving, and hopefully in Belgium’s net.

Moving Calgary while waiting for the results.

This world cup is unique in so many aspects and one of them is that it will happen during the winter. we are used to the afternoon times and hot summer days to watch the FIFA world cup but this time it will be during the winter and the games are set to be early in the morning (Mountain time) this decision has been made to avoid the extremely hot summer in Qatar.

Our Movers here in Calgary will be doing the moves while waiting for the results in the morning. And because we have amongst our movers a lot of different nationalities everyone has their favourite team but as professional Movers that they are they lift together making your moving in Calgary much easier.

This Team of Young Canadians has surely moved Calgary’s heart and the entire country as well and for this the Team of Personal Movers Calgary is more than grateful we are sure that they will leave their souls on the field to give us an amazing participation in this championship.

The Canadian team is Moving hearts from miles away and we are here to make your moving in Calgary easier. Learn More why is Personal Movers the Top Choice winner of Calgary Movers of the year

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