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At Local Moving by Personal Movers Calgary, we are proud of every service we offer, trying to make every one of our moves as stress-free as possible for the customer. Because we understand what a move is for you and we want to help you get it done right and safely.

Even though we provide a wide variety of moving services, and we thrive on each one of them, our most requested service is local moving, and because of this and the support of our customers we have gotten really good at it, and we want to share some of our experience with you so you can be better prepared for your next moving day.

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Our Calgary

We love Calgary and we have seen it expand since its humble beginning until the large metropolitan area that it is right now, we have seen its borders grow from south to north and west to east, almost grabbing the nearby towns that they now feel like the next neighbourhood. And we have seen the smiles of the new or old house owners that decide to change homes within the city, we have seen multiple new families moving into Calgary from distant provinces coming to Alberta full of hopes and dreams of a bright future because Calgary it’s a growing city, clean, accessible, full of wonderful people and the list can go on an on about the qualities of our Calgary.

Because we love our city and the people that live in it we want to help them to make that transition to their new home seamless providing families with a professional moving crew, equipped trucks and a smile on every local move.

Local moves that now feel more like a long distance in some cases if you for example move from Evanston to Walden. Every trip can be up to 45min or more, which makes our trucks be worth every penny to bring your entire house in one go but most importantly, safe.

Local Moves

Local moves can involve a lot of planning, and lots of packing and maybe you need storage for a month or two while you are in between houses if any of this is your case we got you cover because guess what we do all those things, we have storages that are gated, alarmed and climate control, we have trained packers that will ensure that your fragile items arrive in one piece and we got the trucks and movers to make your Calgary move or local move (wherever you are) way easier.

We have just been nominated once more as “Top Choice” Calgary Movers for the year 2023 and this is thanks to our happy customers who have been so kind to spread the word to get us among the few selected as top Movers.

Remember if you are Moving in Calgary or the surrounding areas or anywhere in Alberta, you can call Personal Movers at (403)992-6229 and you will be greeted with a smile and a friendly face.

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