Extreme artic weather moving to Calgary

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for most of the Alberta province which includes Calgary

As we have already witnessed temperatures have dropped well below -32 with a real feeling of under -40. Such temperatures can cause frostbite in just a few minutes so try not to leave any skin exposed if you need to step outside, make sure to wear adequate garments to endure these arctic temperatures.

The extreme weather is expected to last at least until the end of the week but hopefully, some warm air flow will arrive just before Christmas. Until then watch out for these symptoms: shortness of breath muscle pain, weakness, numbness and colour changes in your fingers and toes, take care of yourself and your family by planning every trip outside your home making sure that no one gets cold, plug in your car to have it warm and make it easier to start and save the engine, and batteries life. This extreme weather can also make your tires go flat so it’s good to check them out before rolling the car out.

Drive safe

With these temperatures, the streets in Calgary have been converted into a skating rig, even though you might not see it the roads are ice and be especially careful when you are crossing bridges as they could get frozen and make you lose control of your vehicle so don’t rush, drive safe.

How do moving companies do?

Well, we just have to brace ourselves dress as warm as we can and go out to help families relocate even if there is extreme weather like this. Of course, all of our movers take the necessary precautions to stay warm and not leave any skin exposed as they will have to be moving in and out of the house several times.

Do moving trucks start in the morning?

Bigger engine and diesel engine means more problems in the winter. Diesel engines work differently than gas engines, diesel engines need hot air to make the combustion and let me tell you it’s not easy to get that hot air when outside is -40. Luckily for us our fleet is well maintained, and we keep spare batteries (just in case), we use anti-gel liquid for the diesel and of course, the moving trucks have a block heater that stays connected all night. Even though we take all the necessary precautions sometimes the weather is too much, we recall an episode from last year (with similar temperatures) where one of the locks of our truck was frozen and we went and got the de-icer that we keep in the trucks for this situations and guess what the? The de-icer was frozen, yes it’s unbelievable how crazy the temperature can drop in Calgary.

What do Moving companies use to protect the floor from the snow?

Professional moving companies like Personal movers will always have all the necessary equipment for a move, and the protection of your home is critical for us so we use neoprene runners to keep the wet snow out of your floors, we also protect the main entrance door with blankets and of course, all of the furniture is always covered with heavy-duty moving blankets to make sure that your walls and furniture stay intact.

How to Book a moving company during the winter

That’s an easy question. Just Call us and we will set you up right away with a free moving estimate, and our promise to send a professional crew to take care of your move.

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