Choosing a Local Moving Service

Choosing a Local Moving Service

A simple guide on how to choose a Moving Service in Calgary, follow it to know what questions you must ask when talking to a Moving Company

It’s time to move, maybe it is your first time maybe you already have some moves on you, it doesn’t matter reading this article will for sure give you some important tips on how to pick the right moving company for you.

Always Choose the professional:

In a big city like Calgary there are always many Movers to choose from, but that doesn’t mean that their service or accreditations are always the same there are trusted companies with a long reputation and quality standards and then there are the ones that are not accredited, and there are a few things that you can ask to make sure that you are choosing a reputable Calgary Moving service.

  • Ask if they have any sort of accreditations like being part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) this accreditation ensures that a company is registered and complies with all the mandatory regulations for a Moving company.
  • Ask for insurance coverage. This is a must you never know what kind of accidents can happen during your move so you better choose a mover that can be liable for any damage otherwise you will be the one in trouble if anything happens.
  • WCB coverage (workers compensation) for the movers. You may be also liable if a worker gets injured while doing some job in your house, and when it comes to lifting heavy items, injuries can always happen, having a Moving Service provider that carries WCB coverage for their movers is also a must.

How do they answer the phone:

An established moving company will always answer the phone in a professional manner and state the name of the company and the moving consultant’s name they will gather all the necessary information and will be able to provide you with a written estimate will a clear price. As we mention before there are a lot of people out there that just want to earn an extra buck and usually, they will answer the phone with a simple Hello!!! Well, you will already know that they are not serious and probably they won’t meet the necessary accreditations.

Comparing Moving Prices:

There is a wide range of prices when looking for a Moving Service in Calgary and there are a lot of factors that affect that price. Remember that when you are comparing movers in Calgary is not like comparing apples to apples, different prices offer different types of service which can affect the size of the truck, insurance coverage, the kind of equipment that is provided and the professionalism of the movers.

Never go with the cheapest prices they charge that little for a reason and you don’t want to be in a bad situation when you need to move and your movers decide not to show up or they do it whit a small truck and no equipment.


Deposit required for the moving service:

Reputable movers will ask for a deposit in order to book the day for you while it might seem strange to you if you never got a professional moving service, moving companies would do this to create a commitment between the customer and the moving company, they will secure that day on the moving company calendar for you specifically and because they have your deposit they are committed to show up and plan in advance for your move. Moving companies that don’t take deposit can just disappear if they found let’s say a bigger job or just because they overbooked themselves and they don’t have any strings attached to you.


They should disclose their Terms and conditions agreement:

Having the responsibilities of a moving company sent to you it’s a guarantee that they will do everything possible to stick to their standards, and this will also inform you of the moving insurance coverage that they offer and how it works.

If a Moving company in Calgary doesn’t send anything like this it’s most likely that they don’t even have a procedure on how to resolve a complaint if that happens and maybe they don’t even have moving insurance they might just tell you what you want to hear on the phone but then change it if problems arise.


Why Choose Personal Movers Calgary

Personal Movers Calgary follows a strict procedure before and when sending movers out to do a relocation. Customers will notice that who answers the phone will greet them in a professional manner and present themselves as the moving consultants, they will then proceed to ask for the needed information to estimate the cost of the moving Service, and after everything is done, they will email the customer with a written a trough Moving estimate. Once the customers agree to hire Personal Movers Calgary they will be transferred to the confirmation office that will make sure all the details of their move are correct once more, this is done to prevent double bookings, wrong addresses or moving dates, and that we are taking all the necessary moving equipment with us.

We take every single moving service very seriously to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied which reflects our high ratings on the internet.

Personal Movers of course is a BBB accredited Moving company and verified by Homestars. This means that we comply with all the requisites to operate as a professional moving company in Calgary and surrounding areas, such as Moving Insurance, Workers compensations and of course incorporated and bonded.

You can give us a call or send us an email and we guarantee you that you will meet an awesome team from the beginning of the booking to the end of your move.

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