Best Moving companies in Calgary

As you prepare your life for a new beginning and a new home there is always a question that pops up, which are “The Best Moving companies in Calgary” and that is what we will try to answer in this post.

Of course, Personal Movers is one of the many choices when it comes to Moving companies in Calgary and we have worked hard to earn an outstanding reputation with our customers, no matter the season weather or if the job is big or small, we always treat every move with the highest standards.

Because of that, we have a busy schedule and sometimes we can not take some moves as we run out of availability. So today we are going to show you how to find the best moving company in Calgary.

The best Moving company in Calgary for you should have…

-Big enough moving trucks to accommodate your load in one go. Most professional moving companies in Calgary use 26ft trucks which can handle loads of 3 or 4-bedroom homes in a single truck. Even if you live in an apartment is best to hire a mover who has a 26ft truck because they will be able to move you much faster and they also carry more equipment with them.

-Provide a written quote: the best moving company in Calgary must give you a written quote stating the price per hour and other charges along with an approximation of the time required to complete your move. A professional mover will take a complete inventory of your home to calculate the movers needed for the job, time, and equipment.

-Good online reputation: nothing speaks better than past customers, their experiences are always a good indication of how a moving company operates in Calgary there are many movers to choose from but only a few have good reviews only, Personal Movers is happy to say that we are one of them.

Must have for “the best Moving Company in Calgary”

-Insurance: Moving companies will deal with a lot of risks, and so do you when having all of your belongings transported, that’s why is a must to hire a Moving company that will insure your items and their workers (WCB in Calgary) and has liability insurance.

-Accreditations and Awards: non-profit organizations like the BBB do hard scrutiny on moving companies and only the ones that comply with everything are accredited, therefore if you want the best moving company find out if they are accredited by BBB. Other companies also do this like Homestars, and they also give awards to the best Moving companies in Calgary, and Personal Movers is so proud to have won the “Best Moving Company” award 3 years in a row which led us to win the “2022 Best Of the Best” award as well.

Is Personal Movers one of the Best Moving Companies in Calgary?

Well, we have been called that by a lot of our customers, but we must stay humble and keep working on giving our customers great experiences. As far as all the points from above we score them all.

You will understand the difference between a Professional mover and the rest, on one simple phone call so give us a try and we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

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